Smart Seoul


  • World City e-Government Assessment

    e-GovernmentTop ranked for 8 consecutive times between 2003 to 2019


    Smart city Ranked top for 'Urban Intelligence'

  • UNESCO NetExplo Linking Cities Awards 2021

    Bridging the Digital Divide Selected as the Linking Cities in the ‘education’ field

Seoul is the leading e-Government city that has ranked first in ‘100 Cities Survey on E-Government’ for eight consecutive times since 2003.
From 2003 to 2016, Seoul retained its top ranking for seven consecutive times in ‘The Global E-Government Survey’ conducted by E-Governance Institute in the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers University-Newark and sponsored by the UN. In 2018-2019, Seoul also ranked first in the research conducted jointly by the E-Governance Institute at the National Center for Public Performance (NCPP), Suffolk University-Boston, and Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston.
Recently, Seoul received high grades for its application and implementation of artificial intelligence-based data to the public policy field, ranking top among 31 cities in the category of ‘Urban Intelligence’ such as data-based artificial intelligence technology and sensor-based system at ‘SMART CITIES INDEX REPORT 2022’.
Like this, Seoul is increasing its status as a leading smart city beyond the e-Government. In addition, Seoul was selected as an excellent city in the education field at the ‘UNESCO NetExplo Linking Cities Awards 2021’ in terms of responding to the alienation and isolation of the elderly in the COVID 19 era by educating smart devices using humanoid robot “RiKU”.
Thus, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is highly evaluated for establishing a digital education system being promoted to solve the digital gap problem, which has emerged as a new social issue during the COVID 19 era.