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Enhancing Capability to Implement Digital Projects

We work efficiently by simplifying administrative processes and cultivating performance oriented culture. By constantly improving our capabilities, we aspire to be an agile organization that can cope with rapidly changing environments.

Driving innovation with citizens based on public smart services
  • Provide permits, licenses and application forms such an automatic payment form for utilities and a real estate agent license through online and mobile technology and make the whole process including the application, status check and issue available on mobile.
    • Planning a permit&license issuing service in 2016 → providing 72 types of permits and licenses by 2020
    • Seoul permits & license issue service:
Establishment of Smart administrative portal to support onsite administration
  • Making a mobile administrative portal that enables reporting, searching and approving documents and processing of administrative information in real-time
    • Embarking on making a mobile portal from 2018 → Provision of 16 types of mobile administrative portals by 2020
Improving the performance assessment for Information operating systems
  • SMG maximizes investment efficiency based on the performance-based IT investment examination
    • Improving the performance management of the information operation system by 2017 → Achieving 50% of the target performance by 2020
Increasing the capability of the IT department
  • SMG enhances IT training for city officials for them to adapt to the fast changing IT environment