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Resolving urban challenges of Seoul and improving the lives of the citizens by using digital technology

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Improving the Lives of the Citizens through Digital Technology

SMG improves the lives of the citizens by applying new technologies to the city governance and providing the information that the citizen want.


Establishment of BigCare, an integrated welfare information system
  • SMG realizes the customized welfare services in accordance with citizens' life cycle.
    • Establishment of the BigCare system by 2017 and applying it to all of the 424 community centers in Seoul starting from 2018
Increasing the efficiency of work by building a welfare facility management system
  • SMG builds a system that provides a variety of information about welfare facilities.
    • Establishment of welfare facility management system which connects with the one from the Central Government in 2016 ->Provision of welfare information to citizens through the Integrated Welfare Information System starting from 2017
The Portal 50+, an online communication community, for the older generation (aged over 50)
  • SMG provides an integrated information system for older generations, enabling access to online job searches and information related to education, leisure and culture, etc.
    • Conversion of Senior Portal to Portal 50+ in 2016 → Adding the volunteer work and the job search function to the portal by 2017
Bridging the digital divide for the information disadvantaged groups
  • SMG provides free PCs and IT training and digital gadgets for social integration.
    • Provision of 15,000 PCs and 850 supporting equipment and IT training for 277,000 people
    • Seoul Portal 50+:
Upgrading the Life-Long Education Portal System
  • SMG provides the customized educational contents related with job training and leisure for citizens' life-long education.
    • Achieving 3.5 million visitors of the Life-Long Education Portal System by 2020
    • Seoul Life Long Education Portal:
Increasing digital social ability of SMG and its Citizens
  • SMG bridges the social divide and spreads social culture by providing online lectures that improve the livelihood of the citizens
Establishment of a cooperative system for privacy protection together with citizens
  • SMG improves the privacy protection in the private sector by working together with NGOs.
    • Creating a social atmosphere which respects personal information, privacy and "the right to be forgotten on the internet“

Culture and leisure

Provision of customized cultural information to citizens through an integrated system for cultural events
  • SMG gives citizens opportunities to enjoy cultural life by providing them the cultural information they might find interesting.
    • Achieving 50,000 visitors and 2,000 informative postings about cultural events by 2020
Provision of user-driven tourism information on and off line
  • SMG integrates offline tourism information with the online tourism information and increases user satisfaction.
    • Achieving 20 million visits for the online tourism platform