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Based on the concept of citizen driven governance, we aim to actualize citizens’ ideas using digital technology

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Public-Private-People Cooperation

We enhance our cooperation with private sector and citizens to leverage their knowledge, skills, capital and resources when implementing digital policies and projects so we can improve our approaches

Social innovation based on data (Establishment and management of Big Data Campus)
  • SMG creates a social innovation ecosystem where urban problems are solved through public-private-industry-academia partnership.
Promotion of the use of open data gathered from public and private sector
  • SMG discovers and opens user-centric data and supports a citizen-led business model through promoting a public-private-people cooperative community.
Strategic partnership with global IT companies
  • Share ICT expertise and experiences between SMG and Seoul and build cooperative partnerships.
    • The Seoul Digital Summit was held in March, 2016 and it‘s planned to be hold regularly every year