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Resolving urban challenges of Seoul and improving the lives of the citizens by using digital technology

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Resolving Urban Challenges through Digital Technology

We apply new digital technology to each field and resolve various urban problems of Seoul for the better lives of the citizens.


Establishment of the Smart Emergency and Rescue system
  • SMG provides an effective rescue process which supports the estimation of the disaster scene and on-site decision making.
    • Achieving a 97 percent success rate when it comes to “arrival in 5 minutes on the scene” by 2020; and thus establish a golden time in disaster response
Establishment of the disaster response system using high technology
  • SMG establishes a future oriented disaster response system by developing advanced equipment and future analysis system in cooperation with industry and academia.
    • Adoption of drones and rescue robots in 2016 -> Establishment of the advanced disaster response system by 2018
Acceleration of the firefighting safety map
  • SMG updates and improves the firefighting safety map for usability.
    • Realizing 100% improvement in disaster response systems by 2018
Establishment of transmission systems for disaster video
  • SMG builds a community in which citizens, rescue teams, experts can share videos of disaster situations.
    • Completion of the mobile disaster video transmission system by 2020
Enhancing the spread of safety warning messages through social media
  • To inform citizens of emergency situations in the city in a timely manner, SMG expands the use of social media.
    • Increase the response times by using social media and construct a disaster response network
Establishment of integrated control systems for bridges and tunnels
  • SMG manages the integrated control system for bridges and tunnels to maximize the efficiency and decrease the cost.
    • Establishment of the plans and execution in 2016
Services for the disadvantaged groups
  • SMG uses IoT technology for the disadvantaged groups in society such as children, elderly who live alone and dementia patients.
  • SMG provides services such as the arrival notification of children to school, location identification of the elderly and healthcare services, etc.
    • Sending 40,000 notice messages on elementary students‘ arrival at school to their parents by 2020
    • Achieving 40,000 uses when to comes to elderly care services by 2020
Advancement of the CCTV cameras in crime-prone areas
  • SMG sets up and advances CCTV cameras in crime-prone areas and increases the monitoring functions
    • Setting up CCTV cameras in all public parks and upgrading all the existing cameras to high definition cameras by 2020


Convenient use of parking lots
  • SMG provides location of parking lots, real-time parking information through apps and internet
    • Providing parking information about 550 parking lots in Seoul by 2020 (Information will be available about all public parking lots and 20% of private parking lots)
Intelligence traffic system based on C-ITS(Cooperative ITS)
  • SMG provides traffic incident information in real-time by establishing C-ITS based intelligence traffic system
    • Monitoring the trial Intelligence traffic system by the Central government → Implementing the Intelligence traffic system in Seoul in 2020
    • C-ITS:


Establishment of the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)
  • Reducing energy consumption by supplying electronic electric meters that allow the intelligent energy consumption management.
    • Setting up AMI for 15,000 household by 2018 in connection with the Central Government‘s plan
Advancing the provision of air quality information
  • SMG provides real-time air quality information through the integrated air quality and environment information system
    • Establishment of the remote monitoring system for air quality in 2016 → Advancement of the remote monitoring system for air quality system by 2021
    • Seoul Air Quality Information Website: