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Based on the concept of citizen driven governance, we aim to actualize citizens’ ideas using digital technology

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Strengthening the Communication Channel with Citizens

We strengthen our communication with citizens by using various channels of the SMG and private sector and advance our communication channels for the implementation of citizen centric policies.

Effective management of social media
  • SMG integrates and discards SNS(Social Network Service) accounts with similar functions and provides a guideline to promote the management of SNS.
Provision of citizen centric digital services (Acceleration of the web & app services)
  • SMG reorganizes SMG’s homepage into an integrated portal homepage to provide citizen centric services.
    • # of visitors for the official SMG homepage (web/app): 2.5 million visitors in 2015 → 4.5 million visitors by 2020
    • SMG official English homepage:
Citizen participation through mVoting
  • SMG strengthens the role of mVoting, a voting application for Seoul citizens, as a platform for cooperative governance.
Reflecting citizens’ opinion through online
  • SMG reflects real-time citizen opinions in policy-making through various online channels.
    • Citizen online participation in policy discussion, opinion pool based on social big-data and real-time communication using hashtag, etc.
    • Social Mayor‘s Office:
Expansion of SMG officials’ usage of social media
  • SMG spreads the culture of communication between SMG officials and citizens by increasing the usage of social media by the SMG officials and informs the citizens of what SMG does through social media.
    • SNS training courses for SMG officials and filling out SNS accounts on official document SNS
Strengthening communication with SNS opinion leaders
  • SMG promotes its administrative information to cope with the mass consumption of online information by citizens and the emergence of me-media.
    • Cooperation with me-media such as Familiarization Tour
Create network with SNS experts home and abroad
  • SMG facilitates civilian experts’ participation by building network with them.
    • Holding social conferences and management of advisory council