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The Best Digital Infrastructure in the World

We build and manage digital platforms, communication networks and security controls to create a state of the art city with the best digital urban infrastructure

Opening a future oriented data center that enables cloud service
  • SMG operates a cloud system for storing and managing IT resources to prepare for the era of data.
    • Establishment of the Cloud Center in 2016 at the S-PLEX Center --> Achieving the 100% utilization of Cloud by 2020
Acceleration of the IoT Platform
  • SMG accelerates the open IoT platform to provide an environment for open innovation ICT
Acceleration of big data sharing and utilization platform
  • SMG realizes scientific administration which preemptively responds to social changes by analyzing public and private data.
    • # of big-data use cases: 12 cases in 2015 → 89 cases by 2020
Expanding the utilization and sharing of spatial information
  • SMG promotes service development by private sector by making available useful spatial information that SMG has systematically collected and managed.
Acceleration of the high speed communication network
  • SMG upgrades the equipment for optical communication networks to cope with increased data and public wifi use.
    • Accelerating 124 equipment to support the high speed communication network :(36 equipment for e-Seoul Net and 88 equipment for u-Seoul Net)
Establishment of free public wifi infrastructure
  • SMG expands the establishment of wifi infrastructure for everyone in Seoul.
    • SMG sets up additional 18,817 APs by 2017 to make wifi available in the entire public area of Seoul
    • Seoul Public Wifi Website:
Establishment of the exclusive security control for infrastructure
  • SMG establishes the security control system for all the facilities that are designated as information communication infrastructure by 2017
Integrated security control systems for the entire SMG organizations
  • SMG prevents cyber-crimes and makes swift responses to them by monitoring and analyzing crimes 24/7.
    • Relocation of the Security Control Center to the inside of the S-PLEX Center in Sangam → Integrated Security Control for all 82 SMG organizations by 2017