Active Support for incubating startups

We actively support startups and small-medium sized companies from their business preparation stage and enhance business incubation with our digital policies.

Establishment and management of the IoT Incubation Center
  • SMG incubates IoT startups to help them innovate, generating new approaches to urban problem solving.
Creation of the Gyaepo Digital Innovation Park
  • SMG opens a 24/7 open-space to support creative minds during the communication and development phases of new growth engines.
    • Opening of the Gyaepo Innovation Park in 2016 → Planned to support and nurture 330,420 creative minds by 2020
Inaugurating and management of the Seoul App Business Center
  • SMG nurtures individual app developers to revitalize the app industry.
    • Opening of the App Business Center in 2016 in S-PLEX Center--> Aims to help establish the foundation of 250 startups by 2020
    • Seoul App Business Center:
Establishment of a system to support FinTech industry
  • SMG runs the “startup foster program” to nurture the FinTech industry.
    • Fostering 30 FinTech startups by 2020