New Connections and Different Experiences Global Digital Seoul
  • 01

    Citizens imagine services and Seoul delivers them

    The development of digital services should start from the need of the citizens and the services should be easy to understand and use.

  • 02

    Abide by principles of openness, sharing and communication

    The SMG(Seoul Metropolitan Government) opens all possible public data, share administrative information with citizens and drives better outcomes based on communication.

  • 03

    Don’t get involved in areas that private sector can do well

    Instead of getting involved in areas that private sector can make profits and do well, the SMG focuses on doing things that public sector must do such as supporting underprivileged groups.

  • 04

    Improve the economy of Seoul through digital technology

    The SMG develops a new growth engine by promoting interdisciplinary approach between different areas based on digital technology and supports the sustainable digital ecosystem for fostering creative minds.

  • 05

    Preemptively apply new high tech in city administration

    The SMG tries and applies new digital technologies to each field of city administration before any other cities in the world.

  • 06

    Act logically based on data

    The SMG makes plans and decisions based on data and even evaluates the results based on data.

  • 07

    Collect, fuse and develop digital experiences

    The SMG makes and implements digital policies based on the collected knowledge of its people and accumulates the policy results to further improve the policies.

  • 08

    Share Seoul’s digital experiences with the world

    The SMG shares knowledge and cooperates with global cities around the world for sustainable development of cities.