Smart Seoul

Policy Tasks

Performance Goals

thousand tons

Carbon Emission


Solar-powered Mini-power Plant

Seoul’s Smart City Policy Tasks

3-1.Smart City Management
  • Establish 3D-based Virtual Seoul
  • Promote Smart City Planning for the Urban Spaces
  • Establish “Voice of Citizen Map”
3-2.Air Quality and Water Quality
  • Strengthen indoor air quality management in daycare centers
  • Remote management of air pollutant discharge facilities
  • Expand the Supply of Photovoltaic Power Plants
  • Make smart smell monitoring and remote management
3-3.Creating a Smart City with
Regional Characteristics
  • Create a Smart City Special Zone in the life environments
  • Establish the Smart City Pilot Complex in Magok M-Valley
  • Make Smart Urban Regeneration Strategies
  • Establish the Digital Maker City Yongsan Y-Valley