Smart Seoul


  • Data drivensmart city
    From “the city that best utilizes the internet” to “the city that best utilizes the data ”
    Let’s make urban phenomena and citizens’ behaviors into data
    Let’s make evidence-based policies through big data analysis based on artificial intelligence
    Let’s create a new ecosystem through data cooperation with the public and private sectors
  • Convenience of living in the smart city
    Smart city policy from “Technology-Centered” to “Consumer(Citizen)-Centered”
    Let's provide services based on the demand of the private sector (citizen & enterprise)
    Let’s reduce the uncertainty of cities and provide predictability
    Let's provide real-life related services that citizens can benefit from
    Let’s resolve imbalances and concentrate on universal and inclusive values.
  • Sustainable smart city
    With the aim of sustainable development, secure urban competitiveness
    Let’s simulate city operations through virtual cities
    Let’s create a healthy city through the transition to green energy
    Let's manage the city efficiently using new technology
    Let’s strengthen urban resilience by proactively responding to disasters and emergencies
  • Vitalizing smart city industry
    Implementing various policies such as creating a strong startup ecosystem to make
    a leap forward as a “Global Top5 Startup City”
    Combining innovative ideas and technologies from the private sector into public administration
    Creating a test-bed city where innovation is commercialized
    Let's create a city of opportunity with an entrepreneurial ecosystem
    Creating win-win opportunities with global cities and companies
  • Smart civic participation
    A key element for the success of a Smart City is that it is "Citizen” oriented;
    making it with citizens, based on citizen participation
    Creating a citizen participation ecosystem driven by citizens based on openness, sharing and platforms
    Expanding citizen participation platforms with comprehensive decision support systems
    Cultivating Smart Citizens actively participating in city operations