Smart Seoul



A city that works with citizens and the private sector to resolve urban
problems and change the lives of the citizens
based on data

- Utilizing the advantage of being the world’s best e-Government : #1 in the Global e-Government Survey (2003-2017)
- A city platform that makes urban phenomena and citizens’ behaviors into data and provides customized services by processing the data through artificial intelligence

Core Value

  • People -centered
    Technology-centered >“People-centered” changing citizen’s lives
    Realize a people-centered smart city, embracing various values that the city represents
    Impalement policies that protects vulnerable groups, such as low-income households, elderly, disabled, and small business owners
  • Service-centered
    Investment for infrastructure >“Service-Centered” Investment
    All smart City policies start from the perspective of the citizens, who use them in real life
    Focused on improving quality of administrative services using ICT technology
  • Governance
    Public-led projects >“Governance” - based policy
    Seek to cooperate with the public and private sector, contributing to mutual outcomes
    Converge and connect the policies and projects in each field
  • Sustainability
    “Governance” - based policy >“Sustainable” projects
    Establish the ‘City plat-form’ utilizing core te-chnologies as a base to propel smart city projects
    Introduce various public and private technologies and improve the services
  • Innovative Growth
    Urban management at the policy level >Connect urban mgt. with “Innovative growth”
    Apply and test various new technologies from the 4th Industrial Revolution in urban management
    Implement corporate support policies so that the city itself can become an engine of innovation