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[Report] Seoul Public Transportation

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When it comes to public transportation, Seoul City puts people front and center, building a city where the people can enjoy quality lives without the hassle and expense of owning cars, and making its mass transit systems increasingly people-oriented and friendly, while preventing traffic accidents and making its roads safer through advanced traffic management for those who have to drive.

TOPIS(Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service) plays the role of the hub of “smart city management” by monitoring 24/7 for traffic accidents, natural disasters, and other emergency situations.
The service is a traffic control center, a disaster status control center, and a civil drill agency rolled into one. The IT-based transit card system, together with another system that varies fares by distance, has contributed to the expanded use among Seoul citizens of mass transit.

TOPIS provides accurate traffic information based on analysis of traffic data collected city-wide, uses the information towards the formulation of scientific transportation policies, and manages diverse bus services based on real-time bus operations information.


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