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[Report] Seoul Tap Water Arisu

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The CIS(Arisu Combined Info System) is a “real-time response and control system” which monitors major tap water facilities through CCTVs and enables video conference upon a situation for discussions between different operations to come up with a solution. With this integrated information system, which is divided and managed by each operation, we could drastically save the production cost.

  • Arisu CIS
    Integrated management of database including monitoring, operation info and system data that have previously been managed by each operation.
  • Production Control System
    A scientific demand forecasting model that utilizes real-time weather forecasts, date information, and previous water supply patterns
  • Supply Control System
    Effective monitoring of water supply , water quality and pressure to nhance risk management capacity in the event of accidents egarding water quality, leaks, and outages
  • Remote Control System
    Capable of collecting and analyzing the operational info of the entire electrical systems of tap water operations(8 points) and purification stations(6 spots) Equipped with an integrated CCTV monitoring and video conferencing system


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