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[Report] Safe, convenient, people-centered transportation in Seoul

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Safe, convenient, people-centered transportation in Seoul

  • People-centered transportation in Seoul
    Seoul Metropolitan Government places top priority on Human.
    Seoul aims to become a city where residents can live safely and conveniently without owning cars.
    Based on cutting-edge IT technology and information, Seoul works continuously to predict changes in transportation demand and prevent accidents.
    Seoul Metropolitan Government’s main goal is to create a pleasant and convenient public transportation system for all citizens, and it is now diligently working toward realizing that goal.
  • Safe and convenient public transportation infrastructure
    Seoul’s mass transit system prioritizes the safety and convenience of citizens and is planned and operated in a way that reflects the unique characteristics and strengths of each mode of transportation and ensures sustainable development.
  • Sustainable transportation in Seoul
    As the number of privately owned vehicles decreases, the spaces for people in the city will become larger and safer. By promoting eco-friendly means of transportation such as walking, bicycles, and public transportation, Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning to create a sustainable transportation environment.
  • Cutting-edge smart transportation technology
    Seoul TOPIS (Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service) is a smart city management hub that conducts round�the-clock monitoring of emergency situations, including traffic accidents, disasters, and wars. The implementation of the smart transportation card system and Metropolitan Unity Fare (MUF) system has increased citizens’ use of the public transit system.


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