Smart 2025

Vision & Mission


Future Smart Standard City Leading Digitization, Seoul
Core Values
  • Innovation-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Human-centric
  • Contactless transition
  • Citizen-oriented
  • Safe and reliable
Promotional strategies
  • Creation of the foundation for innovative future smart city
  • Implementation of people-centered smart city
  • Providing citizen-friendly city services
9strategic tasks
  • Expanding the world’s bestsmart city infrastructure

    Acceleration of digital-based administrative innovation

    Creating an open big data city

  • Expanding digitally-mediated services

    Achieving a smart inclusive city

    Achieving a cyber-safe city

  • Establishing a smart mobility base

    Provision of safe city services

    Supporting revitalization of digital economy

In the face of rapid development and change in information technology with the establishment of a smart city, above all, express the will to become a valuable future city Seoul by putting people at the center and harmonizing technology and people together

Seoul, Leading Digitization as a Future Smart Standard City
  • Leading Digitization

    • In order to transform into a digital-centric city,
    • it means to innovate the city's infrastructure by using digital technology
    • and to develop and provide citizen-centered services
  • Future Smart Standard City

    • It means that by building smart city infrastructure, administration and services for sustainable growth,
    • SMG will present standards for smart cities and lead global cities

Core Value

  • Innovation- Friendly
    Innovation Friendly
    Using ICT technology to promote the conversion from analog form to digital form, and building a city that provides innovative infrastructure and services
  • Sustainable
    Constructing a city with a governance system for the organization, capacity, system, and public-private cooperation for the construction of a sustainable smart city
  • People Oriented
    People Oriented
    Constructing a city where all citizens can experience convenient services by implementing a person-centered smart city rather than a technology-oriented smart city
  • Non-face-to-face Conversion
    Non-face-to-face Conversion
    Preparing for the transition to a non-face-to-face economic and social environment and building a safe city that can protect citizens from infectious diseases
  • Citizen’s Experience
    Citizen’s Experience
    Constructing a city that provides practical services that citizens can use and feel the convenience of various services provided by smart cities
  • Reassurance,Safety
    Reassurance, Safety
    Building a city that ensures facilities, transportation, health, welfare and cyber safety so that citizens can enjoy city life with confidence and safety


  • Wire-wireless communication netwrok, Clouds, Open Data Plaza

    World best digital infra

  • Set up CCTV cameras in crime prone areas

  • Expand the use of IoT city data

  • Big Data Campus

  • New concept public service provision

    Metaverse Seoul construction

  • Digital competency-enhancing education using new technology

    Realization of a smart inclusive city

  • Creating an educational environment free from discrimination

    Establishment of Seoul-style education platform

  • Intrusion Accident Prediction Model Development

    Establishment of AI-based security control platform

  • Expansion of autonomous vehicle infrastructure

    Building a foundation for self-driving cars

  • Providing customized health services

    Establishment of smart healthcare system

  • Building an AI-based storm and flood response system

  • Fostering leading companies in the 4th industrial revolution

    Creation and operation of 7 innovative industrial clusters