Smart Seoul

Governance System

Democratic Seoul - A channel for public policy suggestion. Citizens and SMG share opinions on policies and implement them together on such democratic platform	(2,326 cases, 2021). Public suggestions → Decision → Implementation. Suggestion+Consensus+Discussion
M-Voting - Based on a mobile voting system, citizens propose and make a decision. As of 2021, about 2,639 votes were proposed, and	783ofthemreflectedinpolicies
Citizen participation
Citizen Participatory Budgeting. Citizens directly involve in a budgeting process,	improving fiscal transparency and fairness of expenditure distribution. project proposal, deliberation, deliberation confirmed
Civil Complaint channel - A variety of online civil complaints/suggestion channel is unified into Integrated Civil Complaints Management System. Public, Complaint handling, Complaint analysis. Notifying the result via text message or email
Developing a system + Strengthening governance + Providing an institutional base
Forming a Smart City Task Force
  • “Smart City Policy Bureau”, the Policy Control Tower
  • Creating teams which support smart city planning andpublic-privatepartnership
    : Smart City Policy Division, Digital Cooperation Team. etc
  • Forming teams and divisions for concentration of smart city key technologies
    : Newly launching teams dedicated to IoT, blockchain and AI, big data and spatial data (division-based)
Strengthening affiliates’ R&D
  • Strengthening R&D to ensure effectiveness and sustainability of smart city policies
  • The Seoul Institute, Seoul Digital Foundation, and Seoul Research Institute cooperating in urban policies and technology research
Laying a foundation for implementation
  • Entire revision of ordinance in order to provide a legal basis for implementation of smartcity
    : Seoul Smart City and Informationalization Ordinance
Forming a public expert committee
  • Forming “Smart City Committee” with public experts
  • Consisting of policy/ICT experts and engaging in deliberation and advisory process of smart city policies