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S-Data (Smart Data of Things)

Big Data Service Platform


Big Data Service Platform is a project for boosting data-driven economy in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through supporting multilateral trade and active use of urban big data of several agencies and providing big data analysis capabilities.

  • Big Data Service Platform: Integrated service platform brand for analyzing, combining and trading data
  • Data governance: Unified management system for collecting, storing and using internal/external data
  • Integrated big data storage: Physical space for storing massive amount of raw big data
Construction of integrated big data storage (step 1)

Integrated big data storage consists of batch collection interface and step-by-step storage space to collect data.

  • 1. Batch collection interface: Performs the function of securing administrative system data and urban data. As it collects vast amounts of data, it is built to be systematically processed with minimal human intervention.
  • 2. Step-by-step storage space: Big data storage was built with special attention to security, such as currently used useful tables and data tables (excluding security). The safe zone is an where non-public data, such as personal and sensitive data, are detected. Data except for private data is stored in the source data storage, and data processed to meet the service needs to build various services is stored in the service dataset storage.

Storage Building Area

Future direction (plans)

Big Data Service Platform is built in three steps as a user-friendly and intuitive platform that can provide differentiated experiences via the metaverse that can be easily understood and used by building services step by step with a long-term goal.

Future direction

By leading the introduction of an AI platform that can generate desired analysis results in natural language and voice, we plan to support the vitalization of data-based administration, and create an ecosystem for using artificial intelligence based on big data by supporting the use of AI analysis platform by public officials and for public access.

SMG Artificial Intelligence Platform(GPU)

A data analysis management system will be secured by unifying the collection and storage of administrative data, and solidify the detection and de-identification of personal data, data localization and standardization, data quality management, and metadata management system by establishing data governance management policies across the board. We plan to establish a public data collection and integrated management system that integrates scattered data collection paths into integrated storage space.

Integrated Big Data Storage
(unified & integrated management)
Platform (Big Data Service + Open Data Plaza) and public access