Smart Seoul

S-Map(Smart Seoul Map)

What is Virtual Seoul (S-Map)?

Virtual Seoul (S-Map) is a twin city that replicates the entire Seoul area (605.23 km2) in 3D in cyberspace. It is a digital twin system that can combine and even simulate information, such as administration and environment, in a virtual space.

S-Map dataset
  • [Ground] 600,000 structures, facilities (bridge, overpass, pedestrian bridge, etc.), geospatial data (605.23 km2)
  • [Underground] 6 kinds of underground facilities (waterworks, gas piping, telecommunications, heating systems)
  • [Indoor] Public structures, subway stations, IoT-embedded fire extinguishing facilities, etc.
  • [Geotechnics] Geographical and contour maps, interpolation, surveying control points
Virtual Seoul (S-Map) platform
  • Selection of ideal map environment according to the analysis model, simple box type established with 4 categories, box type which reflects geographic information, live model, detailed model including indoors information
  • 3D analysis for policy reflection, simulation diagnosis and prediction
    • 3D analysis through convergence and integration of administrative information, urban phenomenon sensing information, etc.
    • Information analysis according to each used model and diagnosis/prediction using simulations for decision-making
  • Visualization of 3D spatial information and providing a foundation for integration with various administrative services
    • Integration of spatial information with the integrated spatial information system
  • Citizen participation using spatial data and establishment of customized services
    • Usage as a window for citizen communication through citizen participation in policies, online submission of opinions, and information sharing, etc.
  • Provision of basic 3D map to all departments ⇒ Planned integration and API provision
    • Visualization of 3D information and prevention of duplicate investment
    • Expansion of data usage through integrated management of 3D spatial information for all departments
S-Map service
  • Website:
  • Indoor map (first-person view in pedestrian and aerial modes)
    Inside Seoul City Hall

    [Inside Seoul City Hall]

    Gwanghwamun Station

    [Gwanghwamun Station]

  • High quality maps of major tourist attractions: Cheonggyecheon Stream, Gyeonghuigung Palace, Namsan Hanok Village, Hanyangdoseong
    Cheonggyecheon Stream

    [Cheonggyecheon Stream]

    Gyeonghuigung Palace

    [Gyeonghuigung Palace]

  • Creation and release of street view not provided by private portal sites
    Street view of traditional markets

    [Street view of traditional markets]

    Street view of stairs and narrow alleyways

    [Street view of stairs and narrow alleyways]

  • 3D experience
    S-Map 3D librar

    [S-Map 3D library]

    3D library layout (building, vegetation, facilities, etc.)

    [3D library layout (building, vegetation, facilities, etc.)]

  • Wind path simulation for each altitude (10 m, 50 m, 100 m, 1 km, 3 km)
    Wind path: Yeouido area

    [Wind path: Yeouido area]

    Wind path: Jamsil area길

    [Wind path: Jamsil area]

  • Drone photography of key locations
    Gocheok Sky Dome

    [Gocheok Sky Dome]

    Seoullo 7017

    [Seoullo 7017]

  • Namsan Hanok Village BIM data renewal
    Namsan Hanok Village

    [Namsan Hanok Village]

    Seoullo 701

    [Seoullo 7017]

    * BIM (Building Information Modeling) refers to a digital model which expresses the shape and property of buildings as data.