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S-Brain(Smart Seoul Brain)

“Seoul Talk” AI chatbot

What is Seoul Talk?

An AI representative automatically responds to various questions related to Seoul's municipal administration, along with receiving on-site complaints and reservation of public services, such as sports facilities and spaces.

※ Chatbot: An automated AI chat messaging service (chat + bot)

How to use: Add "Seoul Talk" via KakaoTalk

How to use: Add Seoul Talk via KakaoTalk

Main chat screen

Main chat screen

Service areas
  • 1. Public service hotline (500 types of administrative information + 54 types of on-site civil affairs)
    • Transportation: Vehicle registration, public transport, Ttareungi public bike, and traffic violations such as illegal idling/parking, etc.
    • Administration: Certificates, passport issuance, tax payment, information on each department and affiliated organizations, etc.
    • Welfare: COVID-19, support programs (i.e. infants, children, youth, middle-aged, seniors), online learning, etc.
    • Environment: Quarantine request, air quality, housing environment, waste collection, energy, etc.
    • Culture: Cultural events and festivals, palaces and hanoks, cultural facilities, library information, etc.
    • Economy: Business registration, employment, Seoul Sarang gift certificates, eco-friendly farm application, etc.
    • Safety: Facility safety, daily safety, disaster response tips, etc.
    • Housing: Roads, sidewalks, buildings, real estate, redevelopment, reconstruction, etc.

      ‣ 54 types of on-site civil reports such as illegal parking, noise, quarantine request, etc.

      ‣ Reflects 50% of frequent inquiries made to Dasan Call Center (120)

  • 2. Public service reservation: Request reservation of public services operated by the SMG such as sports facilities and spaces
    • Reservation via mobile phone number registered on KakaoTalk without signing up for membership, and KakaoTalk message sent after reservation is confirmed
  • 3. Library guidance: Seoul library information, finding nearby libraries/bookstores, etc.
  • 4. Online learning: Free provision of more than 900 online lectures from Seoul Lifelong Learning
  • 5. Other: Integration with other individually operated Seoul chatbots (waterworks Arisu chatbot, Ttareungi chatbot, Seoul Tourism chatbot, etc.)
How to use
  • 1. Directly enter inquiries in the 'Send message to chatbot' on the bottom of the screen (e.g. report illegal idling/parking)
  • 2. Select from the provided menu
Q&A screen (e.g. report illegal idling/parking)

Q&A screens

Public service reservation screen (e.g. reserve Mapo-gu Soccer Field for Jun. 10)

Public service reservation screen

Add Seoul Talk via KakaoTalk